A little report from Yannic about the races in Marocco

Hi friends,

we're finally back in Germany again. Three challenging days of UCI Africa Tour races are done and I'm feeling a little tired now after the efforts in racing, the transfers on Moroccan country roads and coming home at 02.30pm after 6hours of travelling. 
Looking back it was another great experience that EmbracetheWorld_Cycling offered us and me to explore a world, which is totally different from what we know in Germany and western Europe and giving us the chance, to show our potential on the bike on UCI level.

All in all we can be happy with our performance and I'm pretty happy with my 17th and especially the 9th Place on the second stage as well. Even though I had to suffer a lot on the last 20k it was really worth it. 
During the days of Christmas I'll have another short training-break again, to recover from the last months of training and to look back on the things that happened to us last week in Africa. 
There's one thing, that I'll remember for a long time for sure: The boys from Team Senegal. They came to the race with nothing but one team-kit, their old bikes and just a hand-pump but no spare-parts or wheels or anything. Nonetheless these guys gave everything, everyday. They kept going even though they had to fight the time-limit every day, they always came along with a smile. 
That was impressive to me and our team Allemagne. 
After the last race, I decided to give the boys my gloves and bidons as a little acknowledgement for what they've done these days. It was great to see how happy they were about that little present and I hope, one day, these guys will have the chance to show their potential with equal preconditions.

Stay tuned and embrace the whole world of cycling! 




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